Community Guidelines

From the original Woodbrook Civic Association Handbook:

“Woodbrook is one of the loveliest areas in Brandywine Hundred. The dedication of each resident is necessary to maintain this concept, and to retain the property values of the community. Thoughtfulness of one’s neighbors and attention to these generally accepted and minimal standards will make a major contribution to this end.”

The guidelines listed below are not deed restricted; nonetheless, for the betterment of our community, adherence by all residents is strongly encouraged.

  • Trash and recycling bins should be placed at the curb the evening before pickup day and removed promptly once empty.
  • Dogs should be leashed, curbed, and cleaned up after. Incessant, excessive barking is not acceptable.
  • Parking cars on the street should be kept to minimum and should not be left overnight.
  • Lawn signs from contractors or other reasons should be limited to two weeks.
  • Political lawn signs, while frowned upon, can not be legally banned. That being said, they should be kept to a minimum, not placed earlier than four weeks prior to an election, and should be removed no later than one week after the election.
  • There are plenty of children and walkers on our streets. Please obey the speed limits and drive with care.
  • Lawn and yard upkeep is crucial to the general appearance of the neighborhood. Maintenance activities should be regular and should occur during reasonable hours, especially if these activities must take place on the weekend.
  • After snow events, sidewalks should be cleared as soon as possible.
  • Stormwater drains should be kept clear of leaf litter and other debris.